Frequently Asked Questions

Book Cover

Can you design my book cover even though I am still working on it?

We recommend getting your book cover done as soon as you have the title and outline ready. It will help you promote your book ahead of time and create hype for it.

Please give me a custom quote as I have very different requirements for my book cover.

Yes, please get in touch with us, and we will give you a custom quote for it. 

Can you deliver in 24 hours?

Yes, we offer expedited delivery for a few orders only; feel free to reach us, and we can confirm our availability for expedited deliveries. 

How many design concepts do you propose?

The number of design concepts are mentioned in all of our packages. 

What if I would prefer something else to the proposed concepts?

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, which means we can revise the proposed concepts if you prefer something else. 

What is your source of images?

We source our images from multiple stock websites such as Shutterstock, Istock and all other significant sites online. 

Do you draw custom illustrations?

Yes, we can help you with custom illustrations, please discuss this before placing your order, and we will provide a custom quote. 

Can I provide my artwork?

If you like any image, please share it with us, and we can work with it.

Are your designs compatible with print houses and major websites online?

As part of our questionnaire, we ask our clients where they would like to publish their books, and we calculate book cover sizes accordingly.

Book Formatting

Are you ok with signing an NDA before I hand over my Manuscript to you?

Yes, we are happy to sign NDA for your manuscript protection. 

My Manuscript is not fitting well with your packages listed. Can you provide me with a custom quote?

Yes, please reach out to us, and we will provide you a custom quote. 

What do unlimited revisions mean?

We offer unlimited book formatting revisions, which means we’ll revise until you are 100% happy. 

Do you offer content edits?

Yes, we do offer content edits for a small extra fee.  

What files do you want me to submit?

You can submit your final edited document/word/pages file. 

What files do you provide?

We provide multiple files, which include PDF for print and EPUB for ebooks. Please let us know if you need any other file format, and we will be happy to work it out for you. 

Do you provide source files?

Yes, we provide source files as part of our final delivery.

What size of image do you want me to submit?

You can submit your images in 300 DPI. 

How do you work with edits after the first delivery?

We always give a PDF link which can be accessed online to add comments easily. we can also provide a tutorial video guide for your convenience. 

Are your files compatible for publishing?

Yes, our files are compatible with all print houses and e-readers.

Book Publishing

Where do you publish a book?

We can help you to publish on KDP Amazon, Ingramspark (IS), and Smashwords. Ingramspark and Smashwords will eventually make your book available worldwide. 

How do you ensure my book is published right?

We always do depth research for keywords and categories to ensure your book is listed in the proper categories. It helps you to boost your ranking on amazon. 

What is your average publishing time?

We need around 10-15 days to publish your book; however, it depends on which package you select. 

Do you provide ISBN as well?

Yes, we provide ISBN to all of our publishing clients.

Who owns the copyrights after publishing?

The author always holds all the copyright, and we charge a fixed fee for setting up everything. 

My book is already published, but I need to get sales. Can you help?

That’s a pervasive problem with most of the authors online, and we can undoubtedly help look into the issue and advise a solution from there. 

Can you help with book marketing?

Yes, we also help with book marketing; please get in touch, and we will advise a roadmap.

Can you help with post-publishing?

Yes, we offer one month of free support, which means we will answer all your queries and support you with every step of your journey. 

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