We at HMDPUBLISHING believe in the power of the best quality work. Everyone deserves the opportunity to connect with the world through words, so we created HMDPUBLISHING.

HMDPUBLISHING helps authors publish their books with our excellent team of designers and publishing experts, take their stories out into the world, and connect with readers all around the globe. We do this by providing a more personal approach to authors and the best VIP customer service than companies in the sector. We understand that authors need a lot of support, so we’ve made sure our stance is built on the principle of personal attention and dedication to every client. We don’t just want your book published—we want it to be something amazing.

We at HMDPUBLISHING are dedicated to making you feel like your voice matters, whether you’re writing short stories, long-form fiction, nonfiction essays, or memoirs about your experiences. As an entrepreneur, we want to ensure that it’s always done right when you share your story with us (or someone else’s).

We’ll listen to what you want out of your book and your plans; this helps us to give you a tailored recommendation for publishing your book and unique, eye-catching designs for the book cover and interior. We believe in giving our customers what they need most: a place where they can feel comfortable getting their world-class books done.


Looking forward to having you on board